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Interior happiness

High Tea @ the Yvestownshop

English version below

Goeiemorgen allemaal,

Iets meer dan een maand geleden startte Yvonne – blogger, interieurarchitect, kok en zoveel meer – haar shop annex tearoom hier in Lommel: de Yvestownshop. Intussen ben ik vaste klant en elke keer stap ik vrolijk terug naar buiten.

Al ooit een High Tea geproefd? Ik wel! Gisteren, bij Yvonne. Het was heerlijk! Ik was al lang fan van haar versgebakken scones, maar nu was het aanbod nog veel groter. Alle lekkernijen vers gemaakt en prachtig geserveerd. Ik zou alles kunnen opsommen – nee, dat kan ik niet ;-), ben de helft intussen vergeten, zo uitgebreid was het – maar check gewoon even Yvonne’s blog en geniet van mijn foto’s hieronder.

We hebben een heerlijk zonnig weekend voor de boeg. Wat zijn jullie plannen? Ik vertrek zo dadelijk terug naar de Yvestownshop, voor de garageverkoop. Zie ik jullie daar?

Ciao, Sophie

The High Tea started with the most delicious cocktail – it had a bit of gin yes ūüôā

Hi Everyone,

Enjoying the good life this weekend?

Did you ever try a High Tea? I just did, yesterday.

I met Yvonne – her blog is named Yvestown – about a month ago, and it feels like I’ve known her so much longer.¬† She is such a energetic, creative and warm person.

Yvonne started a concept store where you can buy the best teas, original gifts, party stuff and much more. It is also the most cozy place to just sit, where you can enjoy tea, coffee, all kinds of lemonades and tasteful food. She bakes the most delicious cupcakes, scones, bread… So yesterday we – me and two friends I hadn’t seen for too long – devoured this delicious High Tea. I cannot sum up everything Yvonne served, too much, but just check her blog. Or, even better, you should just try for yourself.

It is such a pleasant experience, and served in a decorative way, with all this pretty and colorful old china.

Have a great weekend! Sophie



Colors of Cuba

Hi there,

How are you?

This is my final post on Cuba. And I start with thinking of the hundred (or more?) victims who died in the plane crash in Havana yesterday.

I love colors, whether it is in decorating, in the yard, or in the photos I take.

What’s your favorite color?

No fifty shades of grey for me. If there is one shade I hate, it is grey. It lacks color.  Black and white can be beautiful, in photography or design, or fashion. But not grey. As I think of grey as in grey people, I think of people without humor, boring people.

That’s what I adored about Cuba, its colors. The colors in the streets, inside the houses – oh how I would have loved to have taken all these beautiful old tiles home – of the cars, and of the people. By color of the people I don’t mean their physique, but just the happy and original way they are. How they are creative (in my mind, creativity has color) in dealing with the little resources in their country.

So I am just going to overwhelm you with photos today! Continue Reading


On the road in Cuba: Trinidad

Hi Everyone!

Well, the best of Cuba is yet to come. Although, to be honest, everything was captivating to us, in many ways…

It is a personal taste, but I preferred the city of Trinidad over all the places. These colors, Ah! I have never been to such a photogenic place before. Breathtaking. Such a cute little town. Again, it was as if we were zipped back in time.

On the way to Trinidad we stopped at the¬†Jard√≠n¬†Bot√°nico, fifteen kilometers from Cienfuegos. Because of my addiction to tropical plants, we couldn’t miss this one, right? It surely was worth a visit, especially because we were there in the Spring when all these plants were blooming. But they (it is now owned and run by the government) could have made a lot more out of it. We were given no information, just simple nameplates would have been enough.

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On the road in Cuba: Cienfuegos

After the visit to the¬†Gir√≥n museum, we continued our drive towards Cienfuegos.¬†Cienfuegos was established in 1819 and although it’s located in Spanish territory, many of its first settlers were from France or French colonies such as Louisiana. It is a Unesco World Heritage Site and was named “Pearl of the South” in the colonial era.

We had to drive back and forth for an hour on the peninsula before we found our casa for the day: Casa Wong. Mr. Wong invited us into his neat and pretty casa, a real treat until we saw the disappointing bed, again a very narrow one. But he gave excellent advice, which we followed and had lunch at Aché.  It was one of the best meals we had in Cuba! Continue Reading