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October 2017


The Barnes Foundation

How are you today?

Look at this beautiful artwork above. Do you recognize the painter? Any clue where you can see this masterpiece now? In Philadelphia, of all places, yes.

When we woke up at Debbie’s, in Philadelphia, in her gorgeous old Victorian House, rain poured out of a grey sky. Biking into the city was crossed from our list. Visiting a museum popped up as an obvious alternative. But not any kind of museum: the Barnes Foundation! While savoring many cups of coffee in Debbie’s living room, we watched a documentary about it first. An intriguing story!

Albert C Barnes was born in Philadelphia in 1872. He studied medicine and chemistry and co-invented the antiseptic medication Argyrol. The proceeds of this gave him the freedom to focus on his passion: art. From the beginning of the twentieth century he began collecting art. At first he sent his friend and painter William Glackens to Paris to buy modern art on his behalf. But when his friend came back, Barnes was so overwhelmed by these oeuvres that he really wanted to understand and get more information on modern art. He decided to travel to Paris himself and soon immersed within the art scene of that era.

Painting of Albert C Barnes by Giorgio de Chiroco

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Time for New Hope

Friday was our last day in the City. Hot again, amazing temperatures for this time of year. I had to, yes had to, buy two new T-shirts, since the clothes I brought were too warm. We, Hubby and I, walked uptown. We lit a few candles in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral for all those loved ones who are not longer with us, and then we made our way to Central Park.  There we saw so many activities united in one place: live music, people sunbathing, getting married, jogging, eating or you name it. The whole time I was in New York, it was so difficult not to take photos of everything or everyone. I love taking pictures of people, but that is hard sometimes. Enjoy a few ones I took that day:
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Strolling down the High Line

Wednesday was our first morning in New York, and we were up really early. I hoped to be awake as early again on Thursday but the real darkness was gone already. Too late for my plan to get some night street views with my camera and tripod. I still tried but it was hard finding a perfect spot in the morning rush of people on the sidewalks.

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Empire State of Mind

It feels so great to be writing from New York. I got the great opportunity to travel with Hubby, who needs to be here for his job. I will stay longer and visit my friends.

This city keeps amazing me. It keeps on changing. I feel so alive here.

The first time we visited Manhattan was in 1998. Hubby and I came over to see if we would want to live here for three years. It was the first time we traveled so far and so long without kids. I had to stop breastfeeding Youngest back then–he was five months old and weighed eight kilos already. And he’s 1m95 tall now. So I guess it was enough.

We said yes to hubby’s job opportunity, and finally ended up in Summit, New Jersey. Manhattan was far too expensive for a family of five. Continue Reading

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