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February 2018


La Siesta

Friday began cloudless. I was up at 7 and out at 8 am, greeted by the neighbors’ dogs (sweet ones luckily). The fruit trees are in bloom already, fun to take pictures.

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Il Mio Domani

Apparently February is one of the coldest months here in Puglia. I arrived on a chilly Tuesday night, and it was raining.

Wednesday morning, a little cloudy. Time to do what has to be done and head off to Ostuni: extend our house insurance and a go to the Ufficio communale, dipartimento rifiuti, my favorite visit. I stayed about an hour in the City Hall, half an hour trying to understand the system of the waste collection – it is more or less the same as last year. And half an hour trying to explain “Ché disastro” it was for tourism last year. Continue Reading


Il Postino

Last week I had to make a presentation in my Italian course. The subject was “La mia passione per l’Italia”. We had to explain why we were passionate about Italy, and we had to choose a certain object to talk about.

I chose the movie “Il Postino.” Did you ever see it? It is an older movie, from 1994, but so beautiful. It is also so typically Italian, the atmosphere…  I am copying my summary of the movie here, so you can try to see what you understand of Italian 😉 You may correct me, of course. Continue Reading

Interior happiness

Plans and Plants

You see, we are almost living in a jungle now. Isn’t it great?

You know I love plants. And in the fall I was fortunate, because a huge plant store here in the area was selling out. We have been on the lookout for a banana plant for over a year already. But instead we saw this beautiful Strelitzia.

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