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The Infinite Man

Hi there,

Still half in Puglia with my head but I don’t mind. This will be my last post on when I was Puglia, but not so much on Puglia though.

The Thursday I am going to write about was such a perfect day. Almost cloudless sky, in great company with my friend Leen, and visiting an exhibition of a man I really admire – there aren’t many of them,¬†besides Hubby of course, and the Great Writer ūüėČ

You know I love photography. But this man wasn’t merely a photographer, but also an artist and a visionary. He combined so many disciplines of art. Do you believe in coincidence? I don’t. I mentioned this artist in one of my older posts already. And then, as¬†we were walking in Ostuni I noticed this poster of the exhibition, in Puglia, of all places. I was thrilled! Continue Reading



Yes, I’m back home.

No, I’m not happy when I look through the window now: hazy¬†shades of grayness brought to life with some sparkling drops of rain. One clarification though: I am happy, overall. The warmth just comes from my family. ¬†It felt good to see them again and catch up.

Besides the climate, I love Italy for the food. Probably pizza and pasta come to mind first, but what I like most are the pure and tasteful ingredients. Tomatoes taste so much better when they have been shimmering in sunshine. Here they taste like water.

At¬†Casa Vita we usually eat lunch at home: ¬†tomatoes, fresh mozzarella or the typical burrata (so creamy, delicious), prosciutto crudo, grilled zucchini and eggplant, olive oil extra vergine…

photos by Marie Bouly Photography

After a si√ęsta on the swing bed, a jump in the pool, some reading on the lounge chairs – if I really feel the need to do some extra intellectual effort ;-), we start thinking of some cocktails. Best spot is on the white patio where you can see the evening sun squeezing between the olive trees.

Going out to dine is a treat in Puglia! So many good restaurants. I am just going to name a few. It is up to you to try as many as possible, and let me know if you discover some good ones. To be honest, we have never had a bad meal.

My favorite in Ostuni is Taverna della gelosia. The location is gorgeous, three levels outdoors, you are surrounded by trees and overgrowing plants. Their tableware is such a great combination of colors. Last but not least, they have a sublime choice of antipasti! In fact, if you order pasta for each of you, you have eaten plenty.

Still a bit higher up into the narrow streets is Bella Vista, great view if you sit outdoors. And inside it has a glass floor where you can see through onto the rock floor. They have great white pizzas (without tomato sauce).

If you turn in one of the narrow streets off the main road from Ostuni to Ceglie (SP 22), close to Casa Vita, you discover Antimo. This is a biological farm as well as a restaurant. Delicious food and marvelous surroundings. They also offer cooking classes.

Good restaurants I can recommend in Martina Franca are Garibaldi Bistrot and Nausikaa, both in the centro storico (old town).

The owners Рa family- of Garibaldi bistrot are such nice people and they have excellent local wines.A little outside of Alberobello you can find Fidelio.  It has a beautiful big garden, fantastic to sit in the summer, and it has a cosy interior too. In Locorotondo you need to dine in U Curdunn, also a beautiful interior, and in the warm months, they just set the tables in the narrow streets. In U Curdunn you find mostly meat on the menu.

In Cisternino you can devour all the best the Puglian land has to offer in Terra Madre (vegetarian).

Of course, if you insist on a unique setting, you can always try to get into the caves of Polignano a Mare. The expensive restaurant I told you about in my story on Polignano, remember?

Oh dear, now I am getting hungry again, looking at and thinking about food.

Buon appetito!




A succulent garden

I feel lonesome, having just finished my book. ¬†The feeling these characters you have become familiar with have left you without saying goodbye. And as you have been accustomed to following them, getting worried about them, being part of their lives, it just ends here and now. Nowhere in life will you meet them again. The title of the book is ‘Hot Milk‘ by Deborah Levy. It took me a while to get into the story, and I didn’t even¬†find it such a good story, but the writing was brilliant. One of the paperback quotes: “Gorgeous. What makes the book so good is Levy’s great imagination, the poetry in her language, her way of finding the wonder in everyday.” ¬†I can only agree. Continue Reading


Fresh fruit from our yard


Come sta?

It is still early, and the weather has changed compared to last week. Temperatures have gone down a bit, and more clouds to be found.

I am the only one awake right now. Hubby and the two young(er) guys are still sleeping.

What I like so much here in Puglia are the beautiful tropical plants: cactuses, yucca, palmtrees (we bought a few, more on this next post). And so much of it we can enjoy in our own yard of Casa Vita.

Since the region suffered from a period of drought, there is less fruit this year. But the taste is nevertheless great. If guests rent the house here, they can pick whatever they find – fruit I mean – but they tend not to see everything… So many figs landed on the grass, which is a pity.

Continue Reading

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