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December 2017


“What are we?” Paris – part two

Did you have a good Christmas?

So! After a small Christmas intermezzo, I gladly take you back to Paris…

The second day we slept a bit longer, the 20 kilometers we walked the previous day were manifesting.

We stopped at a café for a cappuccino and croissant first. We passed the little Hotel Esmeralda, where I stayed with Jenny and Debbie about six years ago. We were there in April and had marvelous weather. Debbie organized a bike tour in the gardens of Versailles.  You go there by train from the center of Paris — an adventure by itself. Really fun to do in the Spring or Summer. Continue Reading


Story of Maria and the Crib

A bit over twenty years ago, hubby and I went on a city trip–in Namur, the south of Belgium, not too far because we had two little kids we left with our family.  On Sunday morning we went to the local antique market. We saw lots of beautiful things, but our eye fell on an old crib. I cannot explain, but for some reason it just drew my attention. Was it the shape or pure nostalgia? It was not too expensive, but on the other hand: why should we buy a baby bed? We had a son and a daughter, a dream family, and no intention of having a third child. We couldn’t leave the crib there though and bought it anyway. We thought, well we can always use it for the kids to put their dolls in. Continue Reading


Christian, Johnny and Jimmy in Paris

Paris is in fact close to where we live – about 400 kilometers – but we do not go there very often. A shame because it is a sparkling city and has so many interesting museums and expositions… And shops 🙂

Hubby and I hopped on the train in our hometown and got off in Brussels Midi (that trip takes longer than the rest of the journey). Then on the Thalys train to Paris-Nord, a very comfortable high-speed train, only another hour and fifteen minutes! But you pay for it, more or less sixty Euros one way, a person. Continue Reading

Interior happiness

Making Christmas cards

Hello there!

Do you still send (yes in paper and through real mail) Christmas or New Year’s cards?

For years, I have been making my own Christmas cards–usually a combination of photos of the children and Photoshop. It is fun to do, but it would be too much to share all of them here, and I don’t want to spread too many private pictures  ;-). Continue Reading


A story on a hero

While I am writing this, it is Tuesday.  On Tuesday I go to my creative writing class in the morning, and I have a date with Tanguy at night.

I ring at his door at six pm, he opens immediately and hops to the porch on the back of the house. We sit together on the double rocking chair as he chooses a book. I always get four or five books at the library. The first book he reads himself. He is on reading level two now. This is the hardest part, because he is a little impatient. Afterwards he can choose a story for me to read to him. And we end with a game, the best part. Certainly if he wins. Continue Reading

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