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Interior happiness

Happy Working Space

Ready to freshen up your home-office? Let me give you some ideas!

Finally, the painter came to hang the wallpaper. And… I am very pleased with the result. Although I have been sick all week, I could still find the energy to tidy up and rearrange things.

My desk is upstairs in a half open space in the hallway. Here are some “before” pictures:

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Interior happiness

On photography – part two

Our painter was ill, so no wallpaper so far…

Do you love taking pictures?

I am now in my second year in the photography course, and it continues to be quite challenging. But I love it!

This year we have to work on five subjects:

  1. Choose a known piece of art. Try to copy it in a photo. Make your own interpretation.
  2. Documentary: make a book of all photos you made.
  3. Animals
  4. Landscape
  5. Self-portrait, this comes back each year, unfortunately

Have you got an idea of which piece of art you’d choose?

Well I have struggled. The piece of art I was quite sure from the start — Guess what I chose 😉 — but the copying and interpretation…   I am still working on it.

As a documentary, I chose Amnesty International, because I worked for this beautiful organization. I started at a time when there was hope: the Arab Spring.

Now, it looks like this hope has left us, and the world gets madder each day. But we need to keep on fighting for human rights all over the world.

Animals! Getting our two cats before my lens wouldn’t be too original. So something quite creepier came into my mind: dead animals, in fact the consumption of animals. A still life, not alive anymore… To make a point: consume less. Daughter is already on a veggie menu, but I didn’t get the male part of the family to join so far.

I changed my mind so many times on landscape. I tested out different things: several subjects and playing with the shutter time of the camera. First I thought of industrial landscape, then I changed my mind to “bridges”, here underneath.

I like the symbolic significance of it, building bridges is what we need. Then “Bridges of Madison County” popped up in my mind, I read the book and saw the movie, such a captivating story.

On a freezing cold evening last week, I took the picture above:  a reddish sunset over the water, some trees on the shore of the lake. When moving my camera, I came to something more abstract. The result you can see in the picture on top of this post. Do you recognize the colors of the first photo? I guess I will stick to this one. But I need to take a few more alike. Maybe with more greenish colors this time. Wait till spring! What do you think?

To be continued.
As from now, I will be posting on Saturdays.

PS: Part one





Interior happiness

Working space

Hi there,

Do you like my new wallpaper? It is called “Bird of Paradise”, by Matthew Williamson.

I am waiting for the decorator to hang it. I must admit I am not that handy. I have painted walls, but the wallpaper, that’s another thing.

Here is my working corner. It can use some freshening up, don’t you think? I am now busy sewing cushions. I love the fabrics!

So hopefully I can show you pictures from my new space next week. To be continued!





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