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Happy Working Space

Ready to freshen up your home-office? Let me give you some ideas!

Finally, the painter came to hang the wallpaper. And… I am very pleased with the result. Although I have been sick all week, I could still find the energy to tidy up and rearrange things.

My desk is upstairs in a half open space in the hallway. Here are some “before” pictures:

This old sofa used to be covered with a quilt from Pottery For my new look, I bought a big white sheet and put the new cushions I made in there.

My working corner looks brighter than ever. I first chose my wallpaper, Bird of Paradise by Matthew Williamson. I love the combination of green and pink. I ordered it through Ethnic Chic in Holland, and it was delivered shortly after. I looked at the lightest type of pink in the wallpaper and chose that as color for my paint. It is almost the same salmon pink as the Acapulco chair. They are now still inside, waiting for the sun to come out. Oh! How I look forward to sitting on the terrace again.

But in the meantime, I can enjoy my upstairs corner behind glass. Doesn’t it cheer you up? It is also the perfect spot in the evening, with the soft sun rays coming in, not only to work, but also read a book in the sofa, or enjoy a tea or wine in the evening. Best for counting the days till summer finally arrives.

Some ideas if you want to rearrange your working space:

  1. Cover one wall with wallpaper you really like, in colors you like. Take your time to choose, because there is such a wide choice in patterns, colors and price-range.
  2. Paint another wall, matching the wallpaper. If it gets too much, just stick to either wallpaper or paint.
  3. Think of what you can do yourself. Painting isn’t difficult if you take your time.
  4. If you have used bright colors in your paint or wallpaper, try to use white or a soft color for the rest
  5. If you still have some matching fabrics, sew a few cushions for a soft place.  It’s always a treat to hop to a sofa and sit comfortably to read something instead of sitting at your desk the whole time
  6. Plants! They always brighten up a room.

Send me a photo when you are finished!

In the meantime I am almost better and looking forward to work here: write, adapt my pictures, sew and … iron – what an anti-climax 😉

No posts the following weeks. I will be on holiday for twelve days, but I hope to keep you posted on Instagram, with as bright colors as you see here, colors of the caribbean – yes Cuba it is going to be!





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