New York Faces

How are you today?

As you know, I love to take photos. And I love to take photos of people. Freeze their face before they have noticed you are there. I love the looks, the expressions when people are unaware. New York has it all of course. I mean, all kind of people, races, professions, tourists or citizens.

When you look at people you don’t know, do you ever ask yourself, what do they think, what are their lives like? Sometimes you can find one or two clues already: a vain person, someone who wants to stay under control, someone who fears the sun. There is one thing in common though. Do you know? Make a guess!

Yes, they all have a cell phone glued to their hand. To share their lives with their loved ones or with the world. I plead guilty too, although, when I am walking around in a city, I usually still have my big camera with me.

The photo on top is a piece of art in the window of a gallery, do you recognize young Michael?

Before you look at the pictures, I want to share this beautiful poem by Kahlil Gibran.

I have seen a face with a thousand countenances, and a face that was but a single countenance as if held in a mold.

I have seen a face whose sheen I could look through to the ugliness beneath, and a face whose sheen I had to lift to see how beautiful it was.

I have seen an old face much lined with nothing, and a smooth face in which all things were graven.

I know faces, because I look through the fabric my own eye weaves, and behold the reality beneath.

Here comes the list with people. Let me know what you think!

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