Interior happiness

Being happy at home

I first wanted to call this category interior design, but that seemed too common. And yet, in my opinion, “design” sounded too chic. I just want to inspire you by showing how some changes can create a totally different look.  I am an addict of interior magazines, but I feel a house should never be just a copy of that magazine. It is so much fun to just mix and match and find out your personal style. Mixing different styles in a way that all seems to match is not easy. I love it though, the eclectic style. But what is most important in the end is that you and your family feel at ease, comfortable and happy! That’s how I finally came up with this title.

Plus, interior happiness also refers to me being an introvert. I am very grateful I have a warm, big family and a lot of sweet friends, with whom I love to spend time. But, I also need quiet time, me-time to be in balance and truly happy. So I will also share good books I have read, movies I’ve seen, and exhibitions that I found worth visiting.

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