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Crochet Endeavor

I am not handy. Nonetheless, handwork can ease my mind. The repetition brings peace.

Sometimes nice, simple tablecloths are hard to find, but a basic one is simple to make, just sew the border with the sewing machine. But I had an idea to do something a little more creative  I had done some crochet when I was little, but couldn’t remember how to do it at all. So my friend and I watched some Youtube videos and we started with a Granny Square. I bought all colors, and it is going to be beautiful, once finished. The thing is, it takes so much time. (I hope to write a post on my finally finished Granny Square in the Summer.)  But in the meantime I started with a single long chain, the length of the outline of the piece of fabric I bought. I added two rows so it became a small curly board. First I stitched a rim to the fabric, and afterwards I stitched the crochet border to the fabric, with a loose stitch since it is a bit stretchy.

I got a simple but pretty result, and it wasn’t expensive. But it took me more time than expected. One important advice: use cotton thread because it is easier to put in the washing machine. And one more thing, I washed the crochet border separately before I sewed it to the fabric.
It is fun though, to just try – just mingle different patterns – and be creative. As to ideas, you can find a lot on Youtube or in books and magazines on crochet.

Good luck!



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  • Reply Ingrid 19 March 2017 at 21:41

    Prachtig gedekte tafel! Wanneer worden we verwacht? 😉

    • Reply Sophia 21 March 2017 at 16:54

      Binnenkort! groetjes, Sophie

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