Ceramics in Grottaglie


While I am here, I try to take more photos, write more…

If you are getting jealous though, don’t be, la vita isn’t always dolce. This morning I had to call my “dearest friend” Giovanni to check on the internet.  (I always try to simply shake his hand, but he just pulls me over and gives me two warm kisses.)  Problem almost solved, he still needs to come back ;-). This evening Luca hopefully will solve the electricity problem. We have had some short circuits when we turn the (new!) dishwasher on. Always better when the dishwasher just works, certainly with so many guests.

Oh well, still happy here! Yesterday I drove with my sister- and mother-in-law to Grottaglie, the city famous for handmade ceramics. The city itself is worth visiting, and all ceramic stores are found in one district. Each shop has its specific products. You can find a whole choice of ceramics: the typical Puglian table ware (with blue dots and a rooster), lamps, butterflies, big pots, lamps, bowls in all colors and shapes.  In some you can even see the rough, terracotta color pieces that still need to be painted and varnished.

And I was lucky to get some extra table ware as a present!
I will show you some next time, if I have made a proper meal.

Saluti e alla prossima, Sophia



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  • Reply Susan 13 October 2018 at 17:55

    Sophia, I just found your blog & am spending my Saturday morning browsing through your posts. I am heading to Puglia at the end of the month & your gorgeous photos have me even more excited to visit the region. I am definitely planning on going to Grottaglie.
    I wanted to ask if you knew where the photo with the ceramic butterflies on the wall came from?

    • Reply Sophia 15 October 2018 at 08:49

      Dear Susan,

      You’ll have a lovely time in Puglia! You will find the butterflies in many little towns, you can buy them separately. On the photo, glued on the wall, it was in a baby decoration store in Grottaglie. I don’t have the address, but all the ceramic stores are in one area, so you will certainly find it. I love Grottaglie, we went back last Summer, so many styles of ceramics together.
      If you go to Puglia, don’t forget to visit Matera (it is in fact in Basilicata). Matera will be the cultural capital city in 2019, so best to see it before. I have also written a post on Matera 😉 you can check it out!

      Have a lovely vacation, but I am sure you will! Sophia

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