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Summer Vibes with Thermomix

Hi there!

Hopefully you have enjoyed a few days of warm weather in your country? In the statistics in my blog I see readers all over the world and I honestly envy the ones living under the sun the whole year round.

For my birthday Hubbie surprised me with a very practical present (one he can enjoy himself, but not by using it himself): a Thermomix. It is a high potential kitchen robot. His defense is simple: it saves you time! While unpacking this heavy appliance I wasn’t happy at all:

  • it is ugly
  • it is big
  • it needs to stay on the kitchen counter – or you don’t use it
  • it takes time to learn to work with it
  • it has an elaborate manual, and I hate to puzzle out all the steps and certainly the safety issues*

I am lucky to have many friends, but at that point I felt especially lucky to have a friend with a Thermomix.  My friend Annick jumped in her car after my SOS-message, and patiently explained all the features of this machine. We made a red fruit sorbet together and it tasted delicious, yummy!

Last weekend I made béarnaise, different smooth (it chops so strongly!) soups and guacamole with my new toy. All easy and with tasty result!

So with the sun bursting through the clouds for a minute, I prepared (without looking in the Thermomix cook book) a refreshing, crunchy and sweet sorbet of Belgian strawberries. When eating them in my holy flashy goblet from Alessi, I feel like a goddess (no, I still haven’t received the Call).

What do you think the conclusion is?

O Sophia is very happy with her birthday gift, although she hates to receive presents for working purposes
O Sophia wasn’t happy at first, but she has learned fast and is overwhelmed by all the creativity she can put into her new kitchen help. Yet she is too stubborn to admit she cannot miss her aid in the kitchen anymore (she even talks to him).
O Sophia has put the Thermomix on Ebay and will buy a party dress with the return
O Sophia has never been happier in the kitchen, but hasn’t felt more frustrated when she is standing on the scale now

If you guess right, I will make you a whole meal with the help of my new toy. Write back and let me know!


* if you don’t read the safety instructions you might end up with a blue eye from an ice-cube being catapulted out of the strong motor.


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  • Reply Leen 13 May 2017 at 19:16

    Gewiekste manier om feedback uit te lokken! Ik doe alvast mee met de prijsvraag, al ben ik wel blij dat het blauwe oog niet bij de antwoorden staat…grappig dat eerst alle tegenkantingen de revue passeren, zo herkenbaar! Maar ik lees dat je er uiteindelijk heel blij mee bent! O Sophia 2 😉

  • Reply Sophia 19 May 2017 at 11:28

    Helemaal waar, Leen! Maar ook wel een beetje nummer één 😉

  • Reply Ingrid 4 June 2017 at 11:28

    3. 👗👠😊

  • Reply Tanja 6 June 2017 at 06:13

    Hihi heel grappig Sophie, in het begin was je er alvast helemaal niet blij mee ……….maar wij hebben er wel lekker van genoten. Ik gok dat je er nu al blij mee bent ( en nee, geen enkele vrouw krijgt graag huishoudcadeaus :-))
    Mooie verhalen en prachtige foto’s! Goed bezig, zou ook wel zo creatief willen zijn 🙂

    • Reply Sophia 6 June 2017 at 08:03

      Dankjewel, Tanja! En ja, ik begin meer en meer voordelen te ontdekken van de Thermomix, oa een koolslaatje voor bij de barbecue, vinden de jongens heerlijk. Dus zal ik Wim een hint geven voor jouw volgende verjaardag 😉 Misschien iets minder creatief, maar je hebt genoeg andere talenten! groetjes, Sophie

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